image guidelines

522 Alison & Sage.JPG

We require an image of you, your horse or both of you with a 522 Health product in the photo. Feel free to be serious or silly we love to see our riders interacting with their animals. Action shots or just hanging out in the barn, either way make sure that the image is appropriate and displays safe and humane handling! Have fun, we can’t wait to see you!

Here are a couple ideas for images to take:

  • Participating in a competition where we can see the 522 patches

  • You and your horse with a 522 package in the photo

  • Your horse eating straight from a bag of supplements. (just for fun not actually eating all the supplements :))

  • You with your patches on.

  • You with your patches on with your horse.

  • Your horse in the barn with a 522 product.

  • A photo of a 522 product where you use it.

  • A photo that represents where you are from with a 522 product or patches visible.

  • You and your horse having fun with a 522 patch or supplement visible.