We are proud to offer sponsorship to cowboys and cowgirls of all disciplines and skill levels, from top athletes to weekend riders. 522 Health believes in developing relationships with any rider who is passionate about their goals, the well-being of their horse and promoting 522 Health. We know that getting sponsored can be tricky in the industry, so we have created a sponsorship program that allows you to wear patches with pride while getting our name out there. By getting sponsored you will be considered a “Brand Ambassador” and as such there are a few things we require in return. We ask that you commit to promoting 522 Health’s products on a regular basis. Promoting 522 Health will be easy because we are an honest, family owned company that loves horses and cares about their health and well being.

How to join our team..

To be eligible for this program you must complete the following:

 1. Complete and submit the “Next Step to Sponsorship” application below.

2. Purchase a 522 Health product and receive your sponsorship patches with your order.

3. Like and Follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

4. Post an Image of you, your horse and sponsorship patches to your account and tag us!

5. Email us the image to use on our website and social media.

Ways to promote 522 Health…

Posting about 522 Health on your personal account and tagging us.

  • Tagging us in photos of your horse (if they use the supplements)

  • Writing a review on our Facebook page

  • Posting about our product on Facebook and tagging us.

  • Word of mouth, share with others your experience with 522.

  • Get your fellow riders involved in our sponsorship.

  • Engaging in posts on out social media pages (liking, commenting, sharing and tagging friends)

While these ideas are not requirements we’d appreciate any type of promotion.

522 Health maintains the right to cancel any sponsorship at any time if we determine you are not representing the company and product in a professional manner and are not providing the exposure to warrant the sponsorship.